“University Proceedings. Volga Region. Physical and Mathematical Sciences” №1, 2017 Contents

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Relaibility of dual circuits in Pk



The G. Thorpe’s surface in a four-dimensional space



On parametric closure operator extensions by means of logical connectives


N.G.Taktarov,A.A.Kormilitsin, N.A.Lemyaseva

The effect of boundary conditions on the fluid motion induced by the rotational-oscillatory motion of a porous sphere



Series in root elements of the differential sheaf of tenth order with five-fold roots of the characteristic equation



On one numerical method of fractal antenna synthesis



Construction of adaptive difference schemes for solving heat conduction equations





E.P.Belan,A.S.Pokrovskiy, D.V. Khar'kov

The effect of thermal annealing on thermal conductivity of graphite GR-280
irradiated up to high neutron fluence


V.D.Krevchik,M.B.Semenov, P.V.Krevchik

Quantum tunneling with dissipation: application to optics of quantum molecules with quasi-stationary impurity states (a review). Part I. Electrical field influence on emitting intracenter transitions in quantum molecules



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